BioGard protiv buha i krpelja
BioGard protiv buha i krpelja

« BioGard » Pyrethrum Natural Insecticide


BioGard is a liquid insecticide preparation without odor, based on pyrethrum flower extract and synergist piperonyl butoxide. Pyrethrum flower extract is non-toxic to humans and warm-blooded animals, decomposes rapidly in air and light. The action is based on the rapid and powerful effect of pyrethrins that act on the nervous system of insects. It is effective in the household in controlling fleas, ants, ticks, flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, moths, mites, lice, bed bugs and other insects.

Product Description

Shake before use. Turning the safety shutter opens (ON) and closes (OFF) the nozzle. The preparation is sprayed to sufficient humidity of insect movement paths such as window frames, door frames, various cracks, joints of room surfaces, behind and under kitchen and bathroom elements, floor mats and places in closets. Before use, close doors and windows in rooms whose surfaces are being treated, as pyrethrins decompose rapidly in light and air.

Active substance:
Pyrethrins 0.25 g/kg
PBO (Piperonyl butoxide) 2 g/kg

Volume: 500 ml