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Dog Rear Lift Harnesses

Woff Woff :: Dog butt carrier is used as an aid for weakly mobile or immobile dogs. It is recommended for use when lifting the dog and for walking down and up stairs. For more mobile dogs, the carrier is left on the dog’s body while walking. Only the belts are removed. The carrier does not slip or fall off the buttocks. The dog can defecate unhindered. All parts are made to provide maximum comfort to the dog. The carrier is simple and practical to use.

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Product Description

Size: custom made for your dog to fit perfectly

Additional Information


Two independent belts are included with stretcher. Belts can be used to secure dog during transport. Also belts can be used to reduced load on the spine for person transporting dog in the stretcher. Belts are designed to for quick and easy use.


Neoprene, Waterproof