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« London » Bean Bag Dog Bed Limited

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Bean Bag dog beds are orthopedic dog beds. Dog can adjust bed shape and that provides ergonomic support for every part of dog’s body.

I believe our pets deserve the very best, like a comfy spot to sleep. Ideal for pets that love to burrow under the blankets, this luxury snuggle beds are a cosy canine delight. « Giraffe » Pet Bed Pillow top is made from soft and gentle and the soft stuffing inside. The best part is you won’t have to sacrifice style for your dog or cat comfort. This pillow for dogs & cats will blend in every space. Also it provides warmth and cosy sensation for your pet.

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Additional Information


Pillowcase bottom – Anti Slip Polyester, Polyester


Machine wash 40°C


Do not iron


Hang to dry, Tumble Dry