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Snuffle Mat


Searching for food as an excellent mental stimulation

It is required to put few pieces of food inside the toy and let the dog start searching. There are numerous effects of this toy on dog behaviour, its nervous system, understanding the rituals of feeding etc. Here are some of this effects:

  • It allows the dog to satisfy its biggest need which is sniffing
  • It encourages the dog to eat slower and calmer
  • During stressful times (vacuum cleaner, outside noise, other dogs barking), it allows the dog to calmly sniff its toy instead of panicking
  • It provides the dog with mental stimulation, therefore the dog spends its energy
  • When talking about multidog households, it allows one dog to have fun while you train or play with the other dog
  • It lowers frustrations and destructiveness
  • Great way to get rid off anxiety in dogs
  • Lowered outbursts of reactivity and aggression were noticed because the dog was preoccupied with quality work in its free time
  • Great fun for puppies because they learn how to use their nose from a very young age
  • Great fun for pregnant female dogs, dogs after surgeries or older dogs that have to rest a lot

Perfect fun for periods of bad weather


Product Description

How to use?

  1. Put few pieces of food on top so that the dog can see it and let him sniff
  2. Put a larger amount of foof on top
  3. Hide a few easy pieces so the dog doesn’t see them
  4. Hide half of dogs meal
  5. Hide an entire meal

The amount of food and the way of hiding it extend the searching/sniffing time.
After using, the toy should be removed to dry.
If the dog tries to carry the toy or dig in it, we should go back a step and explain that the point of this toy is sniffing and not destroying.
Good luck 🙂

Additional Information


Machine wash 30°C