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Zeolite is a natural mineral of sedimentary origin. Its lattice is negatively charged and attracts small positive particles of poison. Due to this property, it has a very stimulating effect on the body’s immune system. Zeolite is intended for immune hygiene and is very often a missing link in the healing and / or better condition of the body. In order for vitamins and minerals to enter the cell, it must be cleansed of toxins. Otherwise, they leave the body without completing their task. That is why zeolite – clinoptilolite is necessary and is the missing link in a proper diet: it prepares the cell to receive the necessary substances.

The body is incredibly complex and resilient, so we often wonder about the positive reaction after taking zeolite, but it does not work miracles, but helps the body to regulate the work of all organs at the cellular level. Zeolite – clinoptilolite acts simply, gradually and safely, at the cellular level: it attracts toxins into its lattice structure and removes them from the body. Zeolite is negatively charged, and toxins are positive and smaller than its lattice, so they are strongly attracted to each other. Zeolite thus relieves the liver: 60% of toxins affected by zeolite are excreted in the urine, and the other 40% in the feces.

It stays in the body for 5-7 hours and it is good to consume it several times a day, with plenty of water because it is also a natural diuretic.

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Product Description

<3 kg = 1g
3-10 kg = 2g
10-20 kg = 5g
> 20 kg = 7g

*the dispenser is inside the package
Stir in food or liquid. Double the dose for therapy. Suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion. Instructions for safe disposal of the biocidal product and its packaging. In case of spillage, spill the spilled material with sand or earth and dispose of in a suitable container.

96% clinoptilolite, Ca (3.26%) Fe (1.38%), K (3.41%), Mg (0.53%), Na (0.7%). Powder up to 1.5 microns in size.